Building World-Class Technology Capabilities in the Legal Function

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ilde_logoOn Thursday, July 17th at 12:00 PM Central, the Institute for Law Department Excellence (ILDE) is holding a special 1-hour webcast.

Modern law departments thrive by providing outstanding results efficiently, and often world-class technology is the lever. However, law department technology can be complex. Legal professionals and operational leaders must understand the variety of technological solutions and how those solutions can fit into a strategy while getting buy-in for changing the way the department functions.

This webcast will focus on strategy building, solution selection, change management and innovation. Specific topics to be covered will include:

  • A roadmap for analyzing the department’s needs and identifying technological solutions
  • A discussion of types of solutions in the marketplace, including some examples of leading providers
  • Creating a value proposition in order to get buy-in, budget, and resources
  • Tips for continuing to innovate on an ongoing basis

You can register for ILDE’s special webcast by clicking here!

How’s Your GC’s Relationship With the Business?

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Optimizing the GC’s relationship with the business
Building partnerships with other functions is a critical way to add more value to the business

Paul Mandell, InsideCounsel
As any general counsel will tell you, managing an in-house legal team requires support, whether the department has hundreds of employees or merely one. A large budget for more staff and technology can certainly help, but the most valuable forms of support come simply from developing effective partnerships with the other functions of the company. For those general counsel looking to ease their efforts without the benefit of a bigger budget, consider the following suggestions to develop transformative internal partnerships.

Become a true member of the team

As a starting point, every general counsel should consider the role that he or she wants to play within the organization. Is the role purely to flag and minimize risk and liability, or is the role more complex and tied to the broader strategy? It can be much easier to leverage the resources and support of other members of the C-suite if they view you as more of a strategic partner than as a traditional lawyer. To achieve this view, define your role for your colleagues, making clear that your interests are aligned with theirs, and your mission is to help them achieve their goals with an alternative, experienced perspective. By making clear that you are on their team, your colleagues in other functions will be much more inclined not only to cooperate with your team, but to support your efforts.

Understand the business (read the article)

GC Roles Are Evolving

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PrintThe GC: Being a Legal Adviser Is Just a Starting Point
Rebekah Mintzer, Corporate Counsel

The last few years have brought big changes for general counsel, and for many a rise to a role of greater prominence within their companies. Audit, tax and advisory firm KPMG has updated a report it first issues in 2012 based on a telephone survey with general counsel around the world, which showed that GCs are shifting from being strictly legal advisers to being business advisers too.

KPMG followed up on that data by conducting a series of new interviews with GCs from large corporations in North America, Asia-Pacific and Europe, to find out what challenges they are facing. The resulting report, “Over the Horizon: How corporate counsel are crossing frontiers to address new challenges,” shows that GCs are increasingly involved in commercial decision-making, particularly when it relates to risk management.

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Hourly Rates Keep Rising

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Rees Morrison LDOBuzzBaumol’s cost disease and why law departments keep paying higher and higher hourly rates
Rees Morrison, Esq., Law Department Management Blog

The Economist, June 28, 2014 at 11, writes about higher education’s future and observes that with colleges, it “suffers from Baumol’s disease–the tendency of costs to soar in labour-intensive sectors with stagnant productivity.”

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Doing More with Less

June 30, 2014 1 comment

cost cuttingGeneral Counsel Recalculate the Bottom Line
Rebekah Mintzer, Corporate Counsel

The “do more with less” mandate is one many general counsel have been hearing a lot about for a long time now. But how are they putting that concept into practice?

In a recent webinar, “Bottom Line Remains Top of Mind: The Changing Role of the Legal Department,” two busy GCs–Mark Smolik, GC and chief compliance officer at DHL/Exel Inc., and Tim Phillips, GC of the American Cancer Society Inc.–weighed in on how they are using resources intelligently in a corporate climate where the legal department itself is both evolving quickly and playing a greater role in the overall business. The webinar was presented by the Consero Group, which develops invitation-only events for senior executives in legal and other industries.

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Practice Law? There’s An App for That! (Part 2)

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Android Logo

Google Android

Every Legal App for Android

There are plenty of Android apps for lawyers including apps for case management, billing, trial preparation, and legal research. This list includes every legal app for Android that we could find in the Google Play store.

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Peter Drucker Principles for Your Outside Counsel

June 20, 2014 2 comments
Peter Drucker

Reinventing The Law Business: Creating Customers – Peter Drucker
Bruce Stachenfeld, Above The Law

Of all the regrets I have in life, one of my greatest is that I never had the chance to meet Peter Drucker before he died.

Drucker is one of my intellectual heroes. He was able to look at the same world that everyone else was looking at but see things that others couldn’t see. He literally invented a science. And like all science, it is around you from the start but you just can’t see it till someone shows you the way.

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